Christina's Ocean pieces by Suzanne Connor

Suzanne Connor - Christina's Ocean collection


Inspired by one of Suzanne’s favorite customers, Christina’s Ocean is a collection of sea life created using an original technique developed by the artist.

These exclusive pieces are built on wool/rayon with high quality 100% cotton fabrics.  Every one is individually hand cut, appliqued for distinction, and intricately detailed with delicate rayon threads using the technique of free motion stitchery.  To insure stability, Suzanne manufactures her own stiffening layer made of all man-made materials.

All of the pieces in the Christina’s Ocean Collection are sold separately.  Prices start at $30 for small corals and fish, other pieces are priced according to size and complexity.  The artwork attaches to the wall with Velcro, and all Velcro necessary for hanging is included with every purchase.  No nail holes in the wall!

Like the sea, Christina’s Ocean is constantly changing – new colors and creatures are added as the artist’s imagination permits.  Click here for current designs. If you would like a paper copy, just contact us and we'll send one along via email or post.

Suzanne feels strongly that the art in your home should be a personal expression, and the flexibility of Christina’s Ocean allows you to design a distinct artwork customized to your home or corporate environment.  Suzanne offers consultation services, and will be glad to create a custom panel of any size or color.  The versatility of Christina’s Ocean lets you fill a wall or create a unique small space of art – any way you choose!'


Mermaid scene by Suzanne Connor