Original Textile Art

Suzanne Connor is a

I make the art. You design the exhibit.

Perhaps one piece to fill a small or irregular wall space.

Maybe several pieces to make a small scene.

Or add enough to create your own one-of-a-kind mural.

The choice is all yours.  And the possibilities are endless.


Ocean and Rainforest

Inspired by the magical Chris Ronder, Christina’s Ocean is a collection of sea life created using an original user-friendly technique developed by the artist. Suzanne’s husband, Wes, is an award winning songbird carver who inspired her second collection, Ripple Rainforest.


3 Years from Head to Thread

After 20 years of sewing clothing, followed by 25 years of traditional patchwork, it took Suzanne 3 more years to perfect her new technique using most of the skills she had learned along the way. In the process, she created new tools she needed as well as manipulated existing materials in unexpected ways to achieve the results she wanted.


28 Steps

Every single piece of Suzanne’s work - including the smallest hummingbirds - requires 28 separate steps to complete. If the piece has a face or any other hand-painted detail, it requires 32 steps.

Pictured is a the final drawing for a Rainforest Tree.  The finished tree is 8.5' tall and is made up of 4 sections.  This particular piece was 39 steps.

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